Quarterly outbound West Kazakhstan Medical Journal

Publisher - NCJSC “West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov Medical University” 

Chief Editor:   A.A. Kaliev

The Journal has been published since 2004.

Certificate of re-registration No. 17673-Ж dated 04.18.2019 was issued by Ministry of Information and Communication of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Journal is registered in republic catalogue «Newspapers and magazines» JSC ”Kazpost” (subscription index - 74740).

The Journal is indexed in international database of Ulrich`s International Periodical Directory, in Italian Database of Scientific Publications CINECA and in Russian Scientific Citation Index (RSCI).

The Journal is included in the list of publications recommended by Committee for Control of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for publication of the main results of scientific activity. (commission decision of April 15, 2016).

Editorial policy

The basic principles of editorial policy

reviewing scientific-practical journal "Medical Journal of West Kazakhstan"

A reviewing scientific-practical journal "Medical Journal of West Kazakhstan" shall endeavor to development of scientific interaction directed at improving access to the exchange of knowledge and professional experience between healthcare organizers, researchers and doctors.

The journal "MJWK" has a thematic direction and contains scientific materials on the medical and pharmaceutical fields, then extending the capabilities of publishing scientific papers, reports on scientific life of medical universities and research institutions of Kazakhstan, the CIS countries.

To review and publication of scientific and practical articles accepted on various branches of modern medicine and pharmacology, analytical articles and reviews in the field of:

- demography and public health, prevention and clinical examination, health care organizations;

- introduction of modern management methods and quality control of medical and medication assistance;

- materials of spiritual and moral foundations of health;

- practical research of professionals.

The journal publishes articles dedicated to advanced technologies in medicine and pharmaceutical science, clinical practice and education, informational messages about important events and conferences.

Submitted for publication of copyrighted material must meet the criteria and requirements of the editorial board of the scientific journal: topical subject and scientific novelty of the research, the originality of the research problem and applied research methods, high scientific significance of the findings.

In the journal can be published any writer, regardless of place of residence, nationality, and the presence of academic degree, presenting previously unpublished material that is not intended for simultaneous publication elsewhere.

All sent materials for possible publication shall be made in accordance with requirements imposed on the manuscript.

When materials are received the executive editor determines the conformity of article with profile of the journal, the requirements for registration and sends the article to a preliminary consideration by the editorial board. Further, in the case of a positive decision, the article is sent for review.

The process of scientific reviewing is mandatory for all incoming materials approved by the Editorial Board for consideration of the possible publication. The order of reviewing detail described on our website. The structure of the reviewers of the journal includes the most highly regarded and honored scientists and doctors at more than 20 destinations. Reviewing the method is carried out double-blind peer review (double-blind peer review, the reviewer does not know the name of the author, the author does not know the names of the reviewers). Based on the review of the editorial board may decide to publish, to recommend to the author to modify or reject the article.

Sent materials on the recommendation of the reviewer may be checked for plagiarism. In case of unsatisfactory results of such testing may be denied to the author in the publication with the appropriate wording.

At a positive decision on the publication of articles between the editors and the author (authors) is the agreement on transfer of copyright, which confirms the consent of the author (authors) to publish it in a journal, for placement in the open-access on the site of the journal on the Internet, as well as in electronic Library.


The main purpose of peer-reviewed scientific-practical journal "Medical Journal of West Kazakhstan

The aim of the journal is extensive coverage of scientific advances in the field of clinical and experimental medicine. The journal publishes articles with a scientific and practical value to a wide range of health workers and covering different areas of specialty.

A distinctive feature of the journal is that it publishes not only clinical, but also experimental studies that can later become the basis for the development of new methods of diagnosis and treatment of surgical diseases.

The journal publis

hes full-size original articles, reviews, lectures, short communications, recommendations to the doctors, the description of case from the practice, and information on scientific forums.

Preference is given toscientific- research works containing new results of clinical and experimental research in various branches of medicine. Reviews are welcomed by Edition, which analyzes the modern international publications to assess the condition of the problem. Special attention is given to reports of clinical cases that deserve the interest of the international scientific medical community. In the journal for doctors publishes works, which propose innovative methods of treating patients, new technological developments. In the journal also publishes analyzes of international congresses, meetings and conferences with a summary of the most important messages.

The journal publishes articles in Russian, articles of foreign authors (from Germany, Poland, Israel, Bulgaria, etc.) in English are also welcome. With a view to wider acquaintance with the published material of specialists do not speak Russian, in the journal posted an extensive summary (of 200-250 words) of each of the original article in English.

Chief Editor of "MJWK" and members of the editorial collegium and the editorial board - highly qualified specialists in various branches of medicine who are working in leading medical centers in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Russia, the CIS countries and the European Union.

All publications previously reviewed and carefully selected. Reviewing manuscripts are made by leading specialists of the CIS countries, the Baltic States, Poland, Germany, and Italy. High standards of review adopted in the journal, allow publish articles sufficiently in high scientific level.

Despite the high requirements for published materials, the edition is carried out policy of supporting young authors, as well as doctors seeking to publish their work, providing comprehensive assistance in the preparation of manuscripts. Scientific articles of students, subject to full compliance with the requirements of the edition, published out of the lineup after reviewing free.

By providing a high scientific level of published material in the journal "MJWK" 2005 is included in list of International Centre ISSN in Paris (France) and registered under the international number ISSN 1814-5620.

In the plan of EPC (Editorial publishing center) in a future time magazine distributed by subscription and will have international readers, including in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Germany, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Israel, Bulgaria, and Italy. The readers of the journal is students, graduate students, masters, PhD, professors, laboratory managers, scientists and pharmacists, physicians and other medical professionals.

The editorial board has prioritized the development of inclusion in the world abstracts database, Scopus, EBSCO, and others.

All issues of the journal from 2008 are also available in the Kazakhstan scientific electronic library. The journal is included in the database of the Kazakhstan indexed by Science Citation Index in the information- analytical system.

In 2013, the journal has successfully passed the evaluation of Advisory Board and the Consultative Board of the JSC "National Center for Scientific and Technical Information" (010015R) and is included in the database of Kazakhstan scientific electronic library.

The journal is registered by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the certificate of registration № 13985 - Zh from 19.11.2013.

Periodical publication

4 times in a year

Format A4, 500 copies


ISSN 2707-6180 (Print)


ISSN 2707-6199 (Online)



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