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«Emotional Burnout in Palliative Care Nurses»

 S.R. Akshulakova

Astana Medical University, Astana, Kazakhstan

 The review article is devoted to an urgent problem in the healthcare system of professional nurses` burnout. According to domestic and foreign researchers, burnout syndrome occurs in medical workers in 30-90% of cases, depending on the specific professional activity. The problem of emotional burnout syndrome for secondary medical personnel providing palliative care is relevant. The formation of emotional burnout syndrome in nurses leads to a decrease in the quality of professional life, health problems, as a nurse is forced to constantly be in the oppressive atmosphere of other people’s negative emotions, serve as a comforter and a target for irritation and aggression. Consequently, the presence of this condition in medical personnel will inevitably lead to a decrease in the quality of palliative care provided to incurable patients. This problem requires intervention, which is due to the dependence of medical services level (quality of life / death of patients) on the psycho-emotional state of the nursing staff.

Purpose: to study the causes of emotional burnout syndrome in palliative care nurses.

Methods. The articles that are in the public domain, in the context of the last 5 years, were studied using databases of scientific publications and specialized search engines: PubMed, Google Scholar, Cochrane Library, Web of Science, Scopus.

Results. During the review of studies, it was revealed that the main causes of qualitative and quantitative characteristics of emotional burnout syndrome in nurses, including palliative care nurses, are organizational features, that is, working conditions, social, psychological, physical conditions, the content of their professional activities-qualitative aspects of working with patients. A nurse specializing in the care of incurable patients is a necessary and significant tool in the structure of the formation of a high-quality palliative care program as a whole. Thus, studies of professional burnout in palliative care nurses will allow to identify the main causes of their occurrence, make forecasts for the response of stressful situations and carry out preventive measures.

Keywords: emotional burnout, nurse, palliative care, stress





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